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Juliet Ibrahim blasted for asking if Rihanna is pregnant – ClasiqTrend

Juliet Ibrahim blasted for asking if Rihanna is pregnant

Delectable Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, has been slammed by trolls after she asked if Popular US Singer, Rihanna was ‘hiding’ because she’s pregnant.

Recall the singer was missing at the MET Gala 2019, which held last night in NY..

Juliet who was among the millions of users who noticed her absence took to the singer’s Instagram page to write; “Riri are you pregnant and hiding? We miss you.”

A fan who’s probably familiar with her nature of clapping back at followers who ask her simple questions on social media slammed her for asking such a question about Rihanna: “If na you Dem ask this question now nko? You will start hunting for clapback.”

Another simply told her to mind her business and stop worrying over Rihanna: “What kind of stupid question is that? How’s that your f*cking business if she’s pregnant or not!!!!”

Another celebrity who was disappointed by Rihanna’s absence is BBNaija reality TV star Khloe who shared:

I don’t want to get mad and don’t want to cry . But f it @badgalriri,wtf was that stunt you pulled last night ? No freaking MET GALA ? Really ? That’s how you gon play us and you stayed back home playing with those annoyingly beautiful Fenty beauty ..
I hate how much I love you right now . This is humiliating and frustrating . Sleepless night for absolutely craps . But I have come to a conclusion that maybe your tailor this year is Nigerian and Amaka “so it’s Amaka that disappoints you” but what happened to fenty lingerie and heels or bare foot self . Kmt

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